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What Is Restreaming

Restreaming is a cloud multistreaming administration, headquartered in Austin, Texas. The administration enables its clients to communicate live substance to numerous gushing stages including yet not constrained to YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, Mixer, and Ustream at the same time.

Restreaming is an incredible and successful multi-streaming stage that causes you stream to more than 30+ channels at the same time. Stream to YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Twitch, and others—in the meantime, from one account.

Live streaming video is a subsequent stage in the advancement of substance creation. streaming live encourages you increment viewer commitment and connect with them continuously.

Restream empowers you contact a bigger group of onlookers with your gushing endeavors. It’s never again important to pick the best fit stage for your live video, simply stream to every one of them without a moment’s delay with Restream.

Our  Restreamer Services 

  • It’s live! – You can deliver a message, announcement or gig, in real time, as it happens without any delay.
  • No limits – events can run as long as necessary, as they are not limited to TV scheduling, DVD/ video length.
  • Cost – webcasting content is cheaper than using commercial television transmission platforms such as satellite. Why spend fortune to broadcast your event on TV for a small geographical area when you can broadcast it over internet to the entire planet at a fraction of cost.
  • Interaction – users can interact with the event, through integrated voting, chat or by accessing website links, resources that relate to the streaming media event.
  • Contribution – questions can be posed live to the speakers by email, telephone call ins or even video conferencing.
  • Revenue generation – charging viewers to watch your content can provide easy methods of making money. The web is geared up to accepting easy credit card payments of ‘pay as you view’ and users are used to the concept.
  • Niche content – terrestrial and even digital providers struggle to provide airtime to specialist television content, something that is not an issue when using the Internet.
  • On demand – using pre-recorded clips, true ‘video on demand’, viewers can opt to watch event highlights, at any time of day or night from any corner of the world.
  • Security – using registration or password mechanisms we can either restrict content to known users, or capture valuable marketing information from your viewers.
  • Marketing – event organizers can use streaming media to drive visitors to their website, and strong branding messages can be easily integrated in to the viewing experience.
  • Communicate in One Voice: Ensure everyone hears the same message from the same source. Eliminate confusion and rumors.

Benefits Of  Our ReStream Software


It can be very engaging

You are reaching out to a real-time audience who have opted-in to watch

You can control your message

It can lead to a longer view-time than some on-demand video content

Platforms like Restreamer can lead to an engaged audience sharing that content

You can mine real-time stats to see how that content is performing for you as it airs

Live streaming recordings made through this application are live-just. Which implies the application does not spare the substance. In any case, the video is spared to the gadget utilizing the application. All your Twitter followers or Facebook friends get a tweet or comment once your recordings begin streaming live. While watching viewers can like or remark and re-tweet the stream to their followers. The best part and advantage of the Restreamer is that  you can program your streams ahead of time and tweet the calendar to your followers.